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Offering the top-notch Managed IT Solutions your organization needs

Discussing cloud services offerings and offering Managed IT Solutions, Managed IT Solutions, IT companies in Vernon

overcomE challenges with managed it solutions

Using technology to overcome business challenges.

Fix my IT problems

If technology is holding you back, it will impact your bottom-line.

Make the most of remote working

Working away from the office is a modern conundrum. Make remote work, work for you.

Develop an IT strategy

Without a strategy, how are you fully leveraging technology to support your workflow?

Backup my data

Data is the most valuable element in most businesses. Make sure it's protected.

Achieve cyber security

Threats to our businesses from the cyberspace are ever increasing. Defend your systems & data.

Maintain operations in any disaster

Technological disruptions for even a few hours could cause severe financial loss.

Managed IT Solutions and SUPPORT

IT holding you back?

  • Repetitive faults or unreliable systems?

    IT problems, however large or small, can be incredibly costly to the operations of your business. The lost time in production will hit your reputation and profitability.

  • Slow and ineffective Managed IT Support?

    If you cannot entirely rely upon your IT provider to promptly fix your faults, and work proactively to prevent issues - you're being let down.

  • Get to the bottom of issues

    We deliver your team with efficient and reliable systems. Getting to the root cause of any IT faults quickly, while proactively maintaining systems to get ahead of any potential issues.

  • 24x7 rapid personal IT Support service

    Our team are always on-hand to repair any IT issue as it arises, while fine tuning and maintaining your infrastructure.

Providing Managed IT Solutions to clients, IT companies in Kelowna

Discover how we can fix your IT problems get you the most from tech.

Discussing cloud services offerings and offering Managed IT Solutions

cloud services

Finding that remote work is a burden?

  • Can't access everything you need?

    Working remotely can be incredibly frustrating when you can access less than 50% of what you need.

  • Is your data protected?

    When staff are working from public or personal devices, there is the potential to be far less secure, outside of your network.

  • Work from anywhere, at any time

    With the right Cloud Services tailored to the way you work, you can enable your team to work at full capacity from anywhere.

  • Security-first technology

    Adequately protecting your data from cyber threats, will ensure your reputation remains intact and keep you compliant to legislation.

Learn how effortless your remote work could become with the right tools

Managed IT Solutions and services

Is your technology aligned to your business goals?

  • Technology as a cost

    Your IT investment will be nothing but a cost to your business if its not fully utilized and tailored to your operations.

  • Missing opportunities

    By failing to fully leverage technology, your team will be missing out on the opportunity to automate & structure processes - reducing labor intensive workload.

  • Achieve return on investment

    With technology procured and tailored appropriately to the needs of your business, you have the opportunity to cut operational costs and improve profits.

  • A digitized workflow

    Migrating more of your workflow into technology tools and services will rapidly enhance the way your teams work. Cut out the mundane and routine; use your human resources for what they do best.

Offering Managed IT Solutions

Explore how Managed IT Solutions can steer the direction of your evolution

IT specialist working on business continuity plan and offering Managed IT Solutions

backup & disaster recovery

Is your data protected with a copy offsite?

  • Loss of time, reputation and money

    With data being so incredibly value to the operations of any modern business, you will suffer from considerable loss without an adequate backup solution.

  • Rollback missing data in a flash

    With an up-to-date offsite copy of your data, you'll benefit from the comfort of being able to restore any lost, corrupt or deleted data - whether malicious or by accident.

Discover the options of securely backing-up your data to the cloud

cybersecurity with managed it solutions

Are you confident with your cyber protection?

  • Failing to meet compliance obligations?

    Data protection and legislation demands businesses sustain a comprehensive level of cyber defence.

  • A costly recovery

    More and more businesses are suffering from a costly recovery after becoming victim to a cyber attack.

  • Be protected, be compliant

    Adequately protecting your data from cyber threats, will ensure your reputation remains intact and keep you compliant to legislation.

  • People, process and technology

    Cyber protection spans more than just technical software and hardware; the training and support of people - to build awareness - and the policies & processes of how to act and what to do, are just as fundamental.


Learn how to better defend your business against growing cyber threats

Discussing cloud services offerings and offering Managed IT Solutions

business continuity

Can you keep working when disaster strikes?

  • Operations grinding to a halt

    Whether you suffer from a powercut, an IT outage, or an event as extreme as fire/flood, the damage caused to business operations by a disaster is extreme.

  • Keep working, whatever happens

    Your technology should be resilient enough to keep your team online and functional, in any event. Continue to work without interruption, from anywhere.

Explore the means of keeping your business running in any eventuality