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Business Continuity Plan

Minimise down time and protect your organization with your up-to-date business continuity plan

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challenges towards business continuity

Do you know the true cost of down time for your business?

Operations grinding to a halt?

Whether you suffer from a powercut, an IT outage, or an event as extreme as fire/flood, the damage caused to business operations by a disaster is extreme.

No Backup?

Do you have a comprehensive plan to get you back up and running at full capacity after any disruption to your operations?

Keeping up with change in technology?

With the speed at which technology evolves, learning not to fall behind can be critical to the success of your business.

Struggling to measure downtime effects?

How long can you function without your IT system and the files and information contained within it?

How we help your organization grow

With Business Continuity Plan.

  • Keep working, whatever happens

    Your technology should be resilient enough to keep your team online and functional, in any event. Continue to work without interruption, from anywhere.

  • Cost effectiveness

    By using the cloud, transfer your important business files to the cloud and eliminate the expense of having to install and manage hardware infrastructure and software licenses.

  • Rollback missing data in a flash

    With an up-to-date offsite copy of your data, you'll benefit from the comfort of being able to restore any lost, corrupt or deleted data - whether malicious or by accident.

  • Centralised data protection

    Your continuity plan will help you intuitively manage all data protection and disaster recovery operations without compromising reliability

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the power of business continuity plan

Protect your business.

Our approach involves five key steps:


Risk Assessment


Business Impact


Strategy & Plan


Deployment of Plan


Test, Train & Re-Evaluate

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