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Environmental Handling Fees

Have you been holding off on buying that new computer? Or maybe that keyboard with the missing ‘y’ key? Hold off no more as electronic products in BC just got a little bit cheaper! On May 1, almost all Environmental Handling Fees for electronic products decreased by almost 30% in the province.

For those that may not know, electronic handling fees are charged an all workstations, laptops, printers, cell phones, monitors, TV’s and a number of other devices at the checkout. These fees help to keep old electronics out of landfills and allow for the recovery and recycling of valuable resources that can be used back into the manufacturing supply chain. Every year over 100,000 metric tons of old electronics are dropped off at authorized collection sites, drop off centers, retail outlets and special collection events. You can see a list of electronic products that are accepted in BC at return-it website https://www.return-it.ca/electronics/products/

The Electronic Products Recycling Association manages the recycling of electronic products. EPRA is a not-for-profit organization led by Canadian industries. You can visit their website at epra.ca where you can find all sorts of information including a list of recyclable products and where and how to recycle them. To soothe the knowledge savvy recycler, Environmental Handling Fees, or EHF’s are different for each province. In BC, the fees for desktop computers decreased from $2.25 to $1.40, and for peripheral keyboards dropped from $0.50 to $0.20 so don’t delay! Get in touch with us to get your slow computer or broken keyboard replaced today! We’re always here to help.

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